This test of learning styles can help you to identify which is the style that better adapts to your way to learn. 3 great systems exist that we used as learning styles, which they are: the visual style, the auditory style and the kinest©sico style. Which is yours? Now you will be able to know it.


The test of learning styles consists of knowing what style is the one that you use more. Three great systems exist: the line of vision, auditory and the kinest©sico.

A person who uses predominant a visual style means that she processes better the information if perceives it by its eyes.

If it is an auditory style, then she processes better the information by her ears and if he is kinest©sico she means that person physically processes better the learning undergoing with means or toc¡ndo or similar (for example to learn to write a keyboard), would be a learning by discovery.

We are going to realise the test being tried of which our answers are most sincere possible, we will try to think the answer enough time before answering and coverall we will try that each answer is most precise possible. The result of the test is orientative.

Test of learning styles

IT ASKS 1 OF 10:

In the school I prefer to listen the professor at great length.

In the school I am inquieto/a I need that it finishes soon.

In the school I prefer to look what they write in the slate.

IT ASKS 2 OF 10:

You prefer the works in group.

You only prefer the works your.

You prefer that they tell you that to do.

IT ASKS 3 OF 10:

You feel that you are wasting the time in the school, you become bored with much facility.

You feel that the school is a place where you have much motivation.

The school is a place where I am forced to go.

IT ASKS 4 OF 10:

Ground to ask the professor much on certain questions.

Ground not to ask anything, I read and only I listen what they say.

Sometimes I have doubts, and I ask the necessary thing.

IT ASKS 5 OF 10:

You would like to sing in a music group.

You would like to be the guitarist but not the main singer of a music group.

You would like to be the director of a music group.

IT ASKS 6 OF 10:

You like to learn extra content, to know more on each thematic one.

You only learn what they show to you in class.

You learn more if you compete against your companions.

IT ASKS 7 OF 10:

You like much the classes of laboratory.

You hate the laboratory classes.

IT ASKS 8 OF 10:

Gustr­a to touch an object to you that says that it is prohibited to touch.

You would like to ask because she is prohibited to touch an object.

If an object is prohibited to touch it, simply your not it headresses.

IT ASKS 9 OF 10:

You like plus the theory that the practice

I only do what the professor says to me

IT ASKS 10 OF 10:

It observes these images, if they tell you to study the letter of a song, how you would study it better? (CLICK in the image):

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