What is the Lectoescritura? Methods, strategies and benefits

The lectoescritura is as much the capacity to know how to write correctly to make understand all we want it to transmit as having a great reading understanding.

One is a learning process to which the professors and teachers will give to major emphasis during the initial and basic education, assigning to the diverse children activities of lectoescritura for a correct learning.

What is the learning by lectoescritura?

learning by lectoescritura, girl reading

The learning by lectoescritura is the used traditional process more with happening of the years, since great percentage of people uses this method. This is due to that he is one of which simpler at the time of learning, so that this it does not need any audible file or image.

Simply notes and books are needed to manage to have good learning and power to retain a great amount of information by means of the reading and writing. Being the much more effective storage capacity and it is as well practicing the writing to improve the skill and the handwriting.

For that reason, this type of learning is especially useful in children, since they have recently learned to read and to write and must be improving his abilities little by little.

Approach and characteristics

The approach that we can give him to the learning by lectoescritura is very varied and practitioner for the daily life.

Many people think that the reading and writing are monotonous and boring methods of learning. But really they are very useful and necessary, so that they go much more there than we could imagine.

Also, we can emphasize:

  • One occurs to a development of the thought and the learning.
  • To carry out the empathy and the reading understanding.
  • To develop to the language and the written expression.
  • To improve the concentration and the reflection.
  • To foment the organization and the elaboration of ideas on some subject.
  • It allows the relaxation and the entertainment.
  • It contributes to improve the spelling.
  • It allows to learn things on the world that surrounds to us.

Methods of reading and writing

children reading and writing

In order to find the methods more efficient than they are possible to be used to secure a good learning by lectoescritura, we must consider which are the previous knowledge of the boy and what they know to do.

When having the knowledge in this case, is come to life elaborate activities of motivation from the daily things in the school. In the learning it must have a connection between the obtained thing and what is learning as the results and progresses of the children become more notables.

Also the difficulty is increased of the lessons so that the learning ampler and is nourished. This way the boy develops the learning by lectoescritura with solid bases.

This learning also help to stimulate their curiosity by new knowledge and functionalities than learns. Some of the existing methods to learn by reading and writing are:

Alphabetical method

This it is a system that has been implemented from old times. This type of learning occurs through study of each letter, its order, articulation and the sounds that train when combining the vowels.

In the same way, also the consonants of our alphabet are due to study creating the words. In the home of the learning of each one of the letters they are combined of simple form for one better assimilation for kids.

So that this combination occurs uniting vocal and consonant as for example: m with a, to conform the syllable ma. So that the children understand and assimilate progressively what he is taught to them, begins with two letters that conform a syllable.

And soon they go away including more letters to create long syllables later to form the words. So that if the boy knows to form syllables will be able to form words.

Phonetic method

In the lectoescritura, the phonetic method concentrates in the recognition and learning of the sounds of the letters as far as the phoneme talks about. This education has as main focuses the vowels by the sound whom they have.

So that it is easy to use images and figures of objects that contain the initial of the vowels and allow the boy to associate what is as well learning the writing of the same.

When the boy assimilates the vowels we followed with the explanation of the consonants and its respective sound. As with the vowels, the consonants are taught using animal images with the initials of the letter.

Syllabic method 

The syllabic method is the main procedure of the learning by lectoescritura.

It initiates with the education of the vowels and the consonants. Then, meetings comprise of a syllable to continue with a word and to follow with the union of these for a phrase and as well as final result to complete texts.

Strategies of Learning by Lectoescritura

All we know that the reading and the writing are essential for the adapted mental development of the children. This habit is in charge of the development the language, and is a very effective strategy since once developed correctly it improves the abilities in other areas (especially in linguistic and the comunicativas ones).

woman reading - educative style of reading

For that reason it is important for all the children in his personal process to know the world. Also difficulties for the teachers at the time of teaching the language exist.

This one is to overcome the barriers presented in the construction of the lectoescritura in children of basic education. They must be preparations with pedagogical strategies for the possible problems that present the children.

By this, some strategies appear that can help the teachers to think on the learning processes. The main strategies are:

  • To give time to the time, that is to say, to be patient.
  • To know what is becoming difficult to the children.
  • The learning is significant if he is contextual as well.

The learning by lectoescritura, while more concrete and precise, it will more harness the abilities as also the knowledge of the children. So that to be a good teacher, it is to design a good atmosphere of learning. This happens thinking about the needs that each boy presents.

Benefits of the Lectoescritura

The language is the clear beneficiary when power this style of learning. And this language is the main way of communication of the individual, since it allows to give him to know opinions and ideas and to understand the ideas of others, which increases the general knowledge of the individual.

In addition, with the writing the language is shaped permanently and is accessible without limits. On the other hand, with the reading we obtain the data, obtaining to advance in our knowledge. For that reason the benefits of the lectoescritura are fundamental to be able to reach our objectives and to make amazing discoveries.

Development of the Thought

The development of the thought in the learning by lectoescritura is the capacity has all person to be developing slowly and naturally. In order to orient and thus to structure its thought as it is developed for being able to be advancing in his process of learning.

Development of listening and empathy

When the children begin to read, the possibility exists of feeling in the skin of the characters who are in stories. This allows to discover the thoughts of how they act in certain situations.

For that reason the reading in the classrooms is cultivated and everything is seen the children kindly listening.

Development of the Language

It is known as learning of the language (especially the development of the mother tongue) the process by which they cross the people in the first five years of his life.

With this process they make use of the linguistic one, which allows to make a better use of the verbal abilities and therefore to communicate better.

Especially to which one talks about to the development during the first years, since it is the moment in the learning will become of fast way but. Mainly one occurs when it is assimilated the meaning of the objects of daily use.

This means that our abilities of language begin to be developed early and they are increased as we grow.

Development of the Concentration

It is very important in our education the study habits, since we understand that the reading as much as the writing is actions that need certain attention to be able to understand them.

So that without concentration we do not have the tools to obtain a good result, where the student applies the study techniques. So that of a good development of the attention and the concentration, we must motivate itself same to be able to obtain our goals.

Development of the autonomy and organization

The boy must learn to develop in his familiar and social surroundings of independent form to harness therefore a healthy self-esteem.

Which is a process in that implements basic principles of the behavior to increase to the individual effectiveness and the personal organization, will contribute to the integral formation of the person.

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