Visual learning

The visual learning lies down to make a system of representation for some people, so that this happens when the words are related to images. Reason why this system is related to the capacity of planning and mental abstraction.

That is the Visual Learning?

As its title says it, the visual learning is not more than a style €˜€™ visual' €˜since it is the possibility of acquiring knowledge by means of images, is well of:

  • Videos.
  • Graphs.
  • Photographies.
  • Maps.
  • Images.

So that the people who learn by means of the visual learning do more comprehensible the subject to them if they have an image ahead. Meaning that, that these people have a greater speed of learning if they use images.

Basic characteristicses

girl reading and learning

The people who retain the information by means of the visual learning, need to visualize the information to be able of some form to memorise them or to learn them, so that this will be able to be realised of different ways.

In that she includes to the space perception, to act of visual way by means of photographic images or way accelerated by means of tones and resistances.

We can emphasize that this learning has the following fundamental features:

Space intelligence

This is one of all the mental abilities that exist in the visual learning, since this is a theory of multiple intelligence. So that it deals with the capacity that has the people to manipulate images orienting itself with those elements along with the imagination.

Those people who own this characteristic or style of learning lie down a:

  • To have facility to find locations.
  • To visualize objects without difficulty.
  • To be good in professions as architecture and design.
  • To learn visually.
The visual learning lies down to make a system of representation

To learn of visual way, sometimes to people costs to them to memorise information by means of the ear. Reason why sometimes certain educative formats are not effective for this type of cases since of not memorising what it has been shelp.

So that these people lean in visual materials to be able to retain any type of information, being this very effective method for them. To make use of slides, diagrams, images, videos, schemes photographies even increases the possibility of learning what it is needed.

They act Quickly

The visual learning not only affects to the way to retain the information, but also in other many areas than we lived on a daily basis.

In the case of these people in whom it denominates a visual learning we have to emphasize that they act of accelerated way. So that in the mental level and of thought they are much more fast, which sometimes cause that can have problems of speech or vocalization.

Also, they speak with much more rapidity so that they gesture much with his hands. Reason why the theory of this author completely has not been accepted.

Strategies for the Visual Learning

It is known as strategies learning the election of activities, techniques and means with the purpose of considerably to increase the effectiveness in the process of the visual learning.

In case of people with this type of learning it will not be sufficient with a summary or some type of agenda since, this type of strategy is mainly is based for people with another type of learning.

Also, so that any process of learning is effective must count previously on some raised strategies.

Simply making use of these strategies the retention of information of much more simple form can be obtained. Some of most effective are:

  • The use of colors or labellers to mark and to emphasize the important thing.
  • To make use of visual supports as conceptual diagrams, maps and schemes.
  • Use of agendas for notes.
  • To only study in a calm place and.
  • Videos and slides to learn are very useful.

What Activities are Useful for a Visual Learning?

As it were already mentioned, activities exist that are very useful to obtain effective results with this type of learning. We can emphasize the following:

Visual Card creation

For those people who have a visual learning, in some fields of study usually it is to them complicated if one is subjects that are auditory. In case of the learning of languages it is necessary to memorise types of sounds that are related to the language.

Most useful for this it is to make use of visual cards for support. In them, you will be able to place what means a word, how it is written and how it is pronounced. This is effective for the memorization.

Creation of Conceptual Maps

To make use of conceptual maps can be a great tool, being this one one of most powerful at the time of studying. This is thus since it is designed for those people who have visual learning, thus to be able to memorise information of easy way.

One is a schematic representation, that is reduced in keywords soon to relate them to each other, helping of lines and colors for greater understanding of the subject. Thus, it will be possible to obtain all the data and to memorise it correctly.

In these conceptual maps you will only have to place the most important data, as precise dates and things following what it treats the subject at issue. Also, he is advisable to use lines and you shoot with an arrow to relate the next idea to the previous one, so that any conflict is not had.

Visual reminders

In the majority of the cases, the people who usually have a visual learning, lie down to have concentration problems. So that to study they lie down to relax easily and they dedicate that distraction to things that can stimulate to them still more.

By such reason, one of the strategies that are more effective in this case is the visual reminders for tasks that must complete.

So that use can be done of an agenda or a calendar, thus to write in the form of list which is due to realise. Or in other cases of using boards with stickers of colors so that this is the more showy.

Benefits of the Visual Learning

This style of learning lies down to have certain characteristic benefits, although this will also depend on the type of person who develops it. However, the benefits that stand out more are:

  • The brain acts of a fast form but and processes at one better speed the images.
  • Usually it eliminates certain barriers with the languages, since the universal images are of help and.
  • He is able to transmit information with greater rapidity.

It is very important to consider to acquire a visual learning since it can be very useful. For that reason, in the educative centers all the students would have to be interested in dominating this type of learning, since he is very useful to be able to memorise great amount of information.


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