Emotional learning

The emotional learning plays a fundamental role in the capacity of retention of the people. This is due to the strong connection that settles down between the mental part and the physics of the same. In addition, a fundamental paper in the well-being of all plays.

On the other hand, and following each person, this relation between mental and the physicist already mentioned it can bring certain problems related to his capacity of adaptation.

What is the emotional learning?

Emotional learning: learning from the emotions and in group (establishing social connections with a strong emotional bond).

As the people grow, they are adding to his mind relations that did not exist before. A clear example of this is the relation of the bad flavor of a food in particular that a person tried at some time of her life and she remembers it whenever she sees this food.

The acquisition of the relation of displeasure even can happen without not even to have proven the food at issue. This happens especially when a experience other people's to the own one is taken as reference.

By nature the human being account with the possibility of developing several types of emotional learning. Some of them are: associative learning to stimuli and mental learning.

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Since we have already commented, the connection of mental and the physicist it collaborates very many in the adaptability of the people. This special cobra relevance at the moments of emotional or physical problems, because it is there when the capacity of adaptation and development of the knowledge is affected considerably.

This can explain many cases of students with low capacity of understanding or few desire to learn.

The emotional learning can be the solution and/or to directly prevent the lack with interest of the students to acquire new knowledge. Some of the recommended practices so that this happens are:

  • To stimulate the students to have goals and objectives that to reach with effort.
  • To create affective and functional bows between the professors or teachers and the student.
  • To diminish in the student stress and the emotional tension.
  • To stimulate to the work in equipment within the classrooms.
  • To avoid and to fight against bullying between the students.
  • To verbally award the positive points of the student.
  • To know the needs the student, beyond its academic needs.

Emotional capacities that contribute with this learning

All the people who have this type of abilities (social as as much emotional), own beneficial capacities in their processes of emotional learning. Benefits that are developed in the following areas:

To handle the Emotions

When handling of relatively voluntary form their feelings, can control stress and the impulses that bring about the strong emotions. This capacity allows the person to describe and to judge its values and I interest.

It brings back to consciousness of the social surroundings while it is learned

It brings back to consciousness of the Social Surroundings

This capacity contributes with the emotional learning. Since the people who have this ability count on the capacity to understand the emotions of the others.

This grants a great level to them of empathy and adaptation to different social groups. 

It brings back to consciousness of one same one

The people with emotional and social abilities count on the capacity to be understood better to themselves in the emotional scope. This contributes a personal knowledge to them that brings with himself the possibility of autojuzgar itself of more objective way.

Responsible decisions

The people who develop these social and emotional abilities lie down to as much make responsible decisions in the labor scope as in the academic one.

Abilities To be related

They count on the capacity to create and to establish affective and healthful interpersonal relations. In addition, they have the ability of being able to resist social pressures of any type.

And finally, they also are very able at the time of giving him to solution to problems or social conflicts, since they can offer and request help when they need it, and if you have any question about how to maintain the web hosting with unlimited storage you can contact us with the form below.

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